I'm really pleased with my BMW X3 for many reasons.

About six weeks ago I took delivery of a new X3 2.0i diesel after a wait of over seven months. It's my first BMW. I thought you might be interested in a short report.

1) According to the dashboard readout, I get an estimated 31 - 32 mpg on a five-mile stop/start journey to work every day along traffic-clogged town roads that usually takes 25-30 minutes but can sometimes take longer (there are lots of local schools). At the weekends I drive on the motorway for a total of 20 miles or so. You can see the mpg gallon reading go up as you watch it.

2) I live in the country on the side of a hill with a 300-yard, rough and muddy, private road linking me to the main road. During the recent bad weather it was covered in rained-on ice on which it was not possible to walk. The postman's van was unable to get back up the week before last. On 17-inch tyres, the X3 was brilliant, there's no other word for it - no hesitation at all on either sheet ice or snow and it feels very "safe" to drive.

3) It accelerates fast enough for me (my hobby car is a Porsche Cayman S), is quiet inside and is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. It's also very big inside - lots of knee room front and back. In short, my new car is a delight - and I couldn't believe the savings in company car tax I've made.

Asked on 19 May 2012 by PH, Bury

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks. I can't use much of this in the column but would be very grateful if you could add it here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/bmw/x3-f25-2010/?sec...s
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