I don't want my Ford Ka written off in case of an accident - can I downgrade the insurance?

Should I reduce my insurance due to the age of my 13-year-old Ford Ka? I have fully comp, legal and no-claims discount cover for £250. Very occasionally my son, who has his own car insurance, drives it, and I have him as a named driver. In case of any damage, I wouldn’t want it written off but repaired as it is such a reliable and cheap-to-run car.

Asked on 28 April 2012 by PE, London SW15

Answered by Honest John
Switching to Third Party, Fire and Theft does not usually decrease the insurance premium because TPFT policies have a worse claims record. But even with comprehensive insurance, virtually any bump would write the car off, so if one happens you would be faced with having to pay to get the car repaired anyway. Catch 22.
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