Lithuanian truck with mismatched reg plates

I have been hit by a foreign truck. I was stuck in a traffic queue on a narrow windy road whilst a Lithuanian artic tried to squeeze down the other side of the road which wasn't suitable.

An obliging witness took a photo of the rear registration plate of the trailer. The truck didn't stop. The Police who I flagged down when the truck was still in view were worse than useless, meaning that my insurers have had to deal with this.

They tell me that they have traced the plate but it is specific to the trailer, not the tractor unit, whilst the latter is liable for any damage inflicted by the former. The insurers and underwriters have traced the owner of the trailer, but tell me that they are under no obligation to reveal the identity of the owner of the tractor unit.

Therefore this is classed as an irrecoverable loss and I lose my excess and have a claims record for the next 5 years. Do I have any other options whatsoever? How can it be legal for someone to drive in this country with no accountability?!

Asked on 16 January 2013 by likerocks

Answered by Honest John
None. But changes are afoot that will correct this situation in the future.
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