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A foreign registered HGV damaged my car - how do I proceed with a claim?

Today I was overtaking a lorry when it pulled out and severely damaged the passenger side of my car.vThe lorry was Romanian and I suppose I was in his blind spot. The lorry stopped, I have photographs of the damage, the lorry, the driver, his licence and his insurance form. The car is a 19-year-old Civic and the cost of repair will be greater than the value of the car. Any advice and how to proceed?

Asked on 12 August 2019 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
Claim through your own insurer, otherwise, It will be a protracted affair. This offers you the most protection and the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service should things go wrong. I would suggest using Glass Guide and Cazana to value the vehicle. Your lawful entitlement is here
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