Why does my Volkswagen Transporter's DSG automatic gearbox lag before responding to the accelerator?

My new Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2.0TDI 140PS has a DSG gearbox with a hazard. After slowing down for a junction or roundabout there's several seconds pause before it will respond to the accelerator. You see a gap in the traffic, put your foot down, but nothing happens until suddenly it wakes up and propels you forward far too late given the approaching traffic. It's not turbo lag, the engine doesn't rev either during the delay, and selecting Sport mode makes no difference. I am clearly not alone with this problem, and quote from the June edition of the Caravan Club Magazine: "and an uncharacteristically slow-witted DSG gearbox blotted the new California.” My local Volkswagen dealer suggested I contact Volkswagen direct, which I have done twice without any response

Asked on 20 November 2010 by AK, Tiverton

Answered by Honest John
You echo my experience of numerous different DSG applications. You might be able to demand a software upgrade to free it up. The problem is the delay in the system when you get your foot off the brake. It might actually be caused by something as daft as excess moisture in the rear stop lamp clusters affecting the signal from the brake switch to the ECU.
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