Car stolen - two queries

I have recently had my car stolen and 2 things have caught me by surprise.

1) My insurer sent a "car valuer" who spent over an hour at my house, took on board the adverts I had collated of dealership advertised cars and then came back with a measly offer he had garnered from Glass' guide - very amateur I think and something I could have done in 5 minutes on the internet.

2) We had a private plate purchased from DVLA and they tell me on the phone I cannot use it for 12 months now or earlier only if the car is recovered?

Have you heard of this number plate issue and do you have any advice for ensuring I get a decent replacement cost for my 55 plate Golf GTI?

The offer I was given seemed approx £1 to £1.5k off the dealership prices. Also, I drive in the central belt of Scotland and I assume that due to scarcer supply than, say, the SE England I would expect values to be higher up here - to what extent to regional 2nd hand values vary by?

I am feeling pretty vulnerable and don't want to be taken advantage of by the insurer - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Asked on 2 November 2011 by groberts

Answered by Honest John
You never get dealer price from an insurer, only 'market price' which is closer to private sale price. If you don't have the car you can't transfer the registration to another car or to a retention certificate.
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