Someone changed the owner of my car

Took my car to dealership who is now being investigated and has went out of business. They apparently said they had title to sell my car because they took a copy of the V5.

I never left my car with them at any time nor the keys nor the V5 but they proposed finance on it to a finance company who say that I gave up title to my car by asking them to sell it for me, which is untrue. They asked me to leave it and I said no. They then said if any enquiries came in for a car like mine they would get in touch... this company has been featured on your board previously where you asked people to get in touch with Strathclyde Police.

Can anyone help me please or put me in touch with previous posters?

Asked on 8 July 2012 by Frantic1

Answered by Honest John
This appears to be criminal fraud and you have to report it to Strathclyde police. If someone stole title to your property and then sold it to someone else, you still own it in the same way as if a thief stole your Rolex and sold it to someone else.
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