Incitement to Insurance Fraud

I have had several calls today purporting to be from a company called 'Accident Helpline'.

Their operative has informed me that I, or someone else at my address has been involved in an accident and may either be entitled to compensation, or have a compensation claim made against them! They would not tell me where or when the accident happened, or the registration number of any vehicle involved.

As far as I can tell they wanted me to tell them many of my details "so that they could process the claim". I did not give them any information but wonder if my details have been cloned and if someone else has been using my address, or is this a scam? Should I report this and to whom? No-one from this address has been involved in any motoring accident in the past three years.

Asked on 3 July 2012 by Exdro

Answered by Honest John
This is an incitement to criminal fraud that the CPS will do nothing about, so it flourishes. Government has made threats, but has also done nothing. Form your own conclusions as to who might be involved and might be profiting from the situation at a high level.
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