Is there an alternative to buying hire car insurance from car rental companies?

We are going to Italy in August for a fortnight and hiring a car. The car itself is circa £860 with basic cover which seems about right. They do offer peace of mind ‘supreme’ cover on top, however, should I wish to take that out. The slight issue is the supreme cover is £600+. In your experience is there a solution to this conundrum?

Asked on 20 May 2024 by Hugh

Answered by Louise Thomas
Car hire cover is a great option to consider when borrowing another vehicle for a trip, as some excess costs can range to as much as £10,000. If you’re hiring a car, you don’t need to choose cover offered by the hire company, you can shop around for this separately too. If there’s a possibility that you might need to hire a car at another time over the next 12 months and it’ll be for more than 14 days, you could also consider an annual policy to keep costs down. This could help you save money, but I recommend shopping around first before deciding on the best approach for you.
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