I've received what i think is an excessive repair quote, will this result in my car being written off?

I have a my fault claim with car insurance I’ve stated I want my own repairer to do the work. My repairer has sent quote to me and to insurer but it seems really excessive, nearly £4000, an amount that I think would likely write the car off. I don’t think the damage is that bad, will the insurance company just write the car off based on this quote or will they spot that it’s excessive (they have the photos of damage) and just reject it, and will I be able to change my mind and use the approved repairer after all? I really don’t want to lose my car based on the repairers greed.

Asked on 15 February 2024 by Regan

Answered by David Ross
It is difficult to judge on whether a car will be written off as it depends on whether there is structural or mechanical damage, but also where your insurance company will set the boundary for writing the car off, which could be anywhere between 50% and 70% of the vehicle's value.

You have the option to choose who carries out the repairs on your vehicle, so you may wish to obtain a quote from the approved repairer in order to compare with the quote you have already obtained.

If your insurance company decides to write the vehicle off you may have the option to buy the vehicle back and pay for the repairs yourself.
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