Can I choose where my car is repaired following an accident and that only original parts are used?

My car was recently damaged in an accident, it was rear ended by an articulated truck. The insurance company have agreed to repair the car using their own bodywork repair company. I have two worries. How do I ensure that structural repair work to the chassis is correctly undertaken and that the car is safe to drive after? Is there any way I can specify that only genuine parts are used in the repair works?

Asked on 30 October 2018 by PNoddy

Answered by Tim Kelly
Request to have the car inspected half way through repair by their engineer. You could always arrange to have the vehicle inspected by your own engineer when repairs are complete. You may also want to consider making a claim for "diminution in loss" of the value of your vehicle as a result of the accident. This claim is your claim not your insurers. I would be insisting on only OE parts being fitted. If your car is a newish car I would be insisting it go to an approved repairer as well. You are under no obligation to use the insurers. It's your car, your claim and your choice where it gets repaired.
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