New SORN regulations?

Any comment on the new legislation re all vehicles have to be taxed unless SORN'd?

Scenario: I buy another car but have not yet sold my 'old' car. It's taxed & MOT'd and sat on the drive, not in use. I'm insured and using the new car. With the forthcoming legislation I will be breaking the law for owning an untaxed vehicle. I don't want to SORN the old car as no new buyer can leaglly drive or test drive it on their insurance as it would have no tax disc!.

Can't insure 2 cars as the insurance on a 2nd car would have zero no claims and not be financially viable.

Asked on 27 February 2011 by andyHo

Answered by Honest John
That isn't new legislation. It's old legislation. But if you mean insured unless SORN'd, it's just the current bunch of private equity fund and investment bankers (many of whom are not even UK tax payers) who own the insurers lobbying the government so they can make even more money out of a compulsory expense.
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