Bought a car with a false service history, what are my rights?

Just bought a lovely clean car, with “full service history”. The service history is fabricated. The two centres do not exist and the distances between service and MoT are huge. What do I do to see if the is car worth keeping? It's a £3,500 car. All the money we had.

Asked on 31 August 2022 by Christine Hawley

Answered by Dan Powell
If you bought the car from a dealer or trader, you will have the right to return the car and demand a full refund as per the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. The car clearly doesn't match the description and has been mis-sold.

The 2015 Consumer Rights Act doesn't apply to private sales, but there are still laws in place that govern their sale. For example, the car must be 'as described' and I think you have strong grounds to return it and demand a refund. However, if the seller doesn't agree or refuses to return your money, you'll need to seek professional legal advice to get your cash back.

For your consumer rights, see:
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