My insurance has been cancelled - what are my rights?

Until recently I was the proud owner of a high value factory built trike, a 2018 Rewaco. Sadly, my trike suffered a major fire while riding on the motorway. I got it onto the hard shoulder without injury, but by the time the fire brigade arrived, it was a complete write-off.

The insurers have settled the claim, and by putting some extra money towards it, I have arranged to buy another trike, but one year newer.

I notified the insurers of the new vehicle, expecting to pay a small charge for amending the policy.

But to my disgust, they have said they are no longer prepared to insure me, and they have terminated the policy. What’s more, they say they will not be refunding the two remaining months of the policy (I had paid for the full year up front).

I think the insurers are acting very unreasonably - do I have any grounds for complaint?

Asked on 16 May 2022 by big mal

Answered by Dan Powell
The answer to this question will depend on the cause of the fire. If the insurer feels the fire was caused by a lack of maintenance or a modification (that you didn't disclose) then the answer will be no.

However, if the insurer has cancelled your policy simply because you've made a claim then I would suggest making a complaint to the insurance provider in the first instance and then the Financial Ombudsman.
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