Which estate car or SUV should I buy for under £20,000?

Which sporty (200+ bhp) estate car or SUV should I buy with large boot and a £15,000-£20,000 budget? I currently have a 45-50-mile daily commute and holiday a lot in the UK. Ideally, I would like a petrol but wonder if diesel is more suited. I have considered the BMW 5 series and X3, Skoda Superb saloon/estate or a Volkswagen Golf R estate. What would you recommend - any of these or something else?

Asked on 27 January 2022 by Nic

Answered by Russell Campbell
There's nothing wrong with any of those cars.

Sportiest of the lot is the Volkswagen Golf R estate – it'll keep most supercars honest on a twisting road. And it's a Golf, so it feels nicely built and is very well designed. It's even reasonably frugal given its power and four-wheel drive:


The BMW 5 Series is the other model I'd recommend. It's not got the outright pace of the Golf R but it's got nicer steering and is better balanced, it's a great all rounder. Your budget will get a 520d version of the current estate or a 530d of the old model – the 520d is surprisingly punchy and gets great fuel economy, but the 530d has effortless power and is frugal for its size and performance.



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