Should a throttle body be covered by warranty?

My Volkswagen Beetle is three and a half years old, has done a total of 9,496 miles (I have had the car a year and half, and when I bought the car it had 5,923 miles on the clock). I've had it serviced once by the VW dealer as part of a two-year service plan.

I have just had to have the throttle body replaced. I've looked online and they normally last at least 75,000 miles. It cost me over £800 and my complaint is that as the car has done so few miles it should have been replaced under the warranty (even though it expired in April).

Do you think I'd have any luck if I took this up with Volkswagen?

Asked on 24 November 2021 by Derek Pritchard

Answered by Dan Powell
Did the Volkswagen dealer identify a cause for the throttle body failure? If it was linked to a manufacturing fault then I would expect the dealer to cover most of the cost or make a goodwill application to Volkswagen UK to cover some or all of the replacement.

If the dealer and VW UK has refused to contribute anything then I would make a complaint to this service manager at the dealer expressing your disappointment. Make it clear that this will affect your decision to use their dealership again for maintenance and servicing work. If they want to retain your business, they should assist with the repair cost.
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