I'm having problems claiming on my warranty - what can I do?

My Kia Ceed 1.4 petrol 2019 is at my nearest Kia dealer due to a fault where the car was juddering and sputtering over 30mph. The dealer diagnosed a faulty coil pack which caused a spark plug to fail. The car is under warranty and was last serviced by Kia in January 2023.

The dealer wants to charge me £19 for the spark plug they need to replace because the faulty coil pack damaged the spark plug. Everything else is covered under warranty. Is this normal? It seems unusual that the dealer would charge me for an item which was only a month old and was rendered faulty because of a faulty part which falls under the warranty.

Asked on 11 April 2023 by Mark Skinner

Answered by David Ross
Assuming you have raised this with the dealer and they have said they need to charge you for the spark plug, it may simply be that the plugs are not covered under the terms of the warranty as they could be considered a consumable part. It seems a little ungracious to charge for this part alone, but if you look at it another way you've had an expensive repair completed for just £19.
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