Can thieves easily locate a factory-fitted tracker?

Earlier this year I bought a new Porsche Cayenne and paid to activate the inbuilt tracker system. It occurs to me that, being a factory-fitted item, they are possibly all the same, enabling thieves to quickly locate and disable the system? Aftermarket trackers vary the location of their device, making location more difficult to find. Do you have any information or views on this?

Asked on 10 November 2021 by Paul

Answered by Russell Campbell
That is probably true to a certain extent, however I would have thought a manufacturer installed tracker would be harder to get at because it'll be buried deep within the car. It's a moot point really, because these cars tend to be broken up for parts so, either way, they'll find the tracker. If the car remains intact, the thieves will usually park it up on a random street to see if police are led to it by a tracker.
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