Our car was stolen and used in a crime - do we have to accept it back from the insurer?

Our car was recovered after being stolen and used in a crime. It looks like we will have to take it back from our insurer even after giving them the keys and logbook. My wife is traumatised by all this and we don't want the car back. We feel we will have to sell it and lose a lot of money as we will rightly have to say it was stolen. We have no idea what happened to it over the last 22 days, but it cant be good. It's only a car, but the damage the thieves have done to us personally and financially has hit us hard.

Asked on 14 May 2018 by Jeremy Davis

Answered by Honest John
It's unlikely that your insurer will not total loss the vehicle as they have no idea what has been damaged whilst in the hands of the criminals. I would ask them to place, in writing, that they agree to cover any possible mechanical defect to all of the running gear, engine, gearbox and electronics - as well as wear and tear to all components of the vehicle. They categorically will not want to write and agree to that, as such you may well find the vehicle will be made a total loss very quickly. Advise them that you will contact them for every single thing that fails and request it be replaced over the time you own the vehicle, as it may have failed as a result of the theft.
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