Lost car now recovered, can I buy it back?

I had a vehicle stolen in April which has subsequently been settled as non-recovered by my insurance company (esure).

By a bizarre twist of fate I received a PCN for illegal parking today (offence dated 3/5/11) and on going to the street discovered my car, littered in parking tickets, still there.

The police have recovered the vehicle for examination. Would it be possible to ask the insurance company if I could buy back the car and what would the consequences be if I later sold the car?

Asked on 10 June 2011 by petershamlad

Answered by Honest John
The car has now been written off as a Cat D, so will retain that status. No reason not to ask your insurer how much it wants for the car. Of course it is not now worth what you were paid out because it now has Cat D status.
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