If I declare a hard wired dash camera in my car, will my insurance premium increase?

You mentioned that, for insurance purposes, fitting a hard wired dashcam could count as a vehicle modification. If unannounced, it could then invalidate car insurance. Is it not time that insurance companies specified what counts as a modification? Fitting a dashcam, hardwiring in a new radio, adding a towing hook or reversing sensors etc won't affect the handling or performance of a car, and should surely not be counted as vehicle modifications. If you declare, for example, a dash cam on your insurance application, will your premium be increased? It seems to be a grey area, not necessarily understood by insurance applicants, and could lead to a lot of trouble unless insurance companies agree on a common list of notifiable modifications.

Asked on 23 April 2021 by C Buisseret

Answered by Honest John
Some insurers will increase the premium if you advise that a dash cam has been hardwired in. All that's being done is a permanent fuse feed being given to the camera, so why insurers classify it as a modification is beyond me. This can be easily undone. It would not invalidate your insurance as they couldn't prove the fitment was related to the cause of the claim. They may, however, increase your premium in the event of a claim. Under the 2012 Consumer Disclosure and Representations Act, you need to make an insurer aware if asked, though.

Insurers see modifications as being anything that wasn't provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
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