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I have a 1992 FIAT Uno that I have owned for about 12 years. It failed its MOT a couple of years ago and has been SORN on our drive ever since, awaiting the rust remedy that never came. I rubbed my hands with glee at the prospect of it suddenly being worth £2,000 towards a new car but, as I read now, cars must have a valid MOT (and insurance - which it doesn't). Is it now only destined for the crusher? A friend mentioned that its number plate (J49 DGC) may be worth something - seems unlikely to me. As you can probably tell, my husband and I have been badly "credit crunched" and need any possible financial benefit from this old banger.

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Answered by Honest John
If you can get it MoT'd then some dealers will accept it as a scrapper.
Unfortunately ridiculous late additions to qualify for the government’s £1,000 are that the car must be taxed and insured on the date the deal is struck, making it difficult for the seller to reclaim VED.
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