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How can I legally get my daughter's SORNed car to a Nissan garage for scrappage?

My daughter's car has been on a SORN for a couple of years and is not covered by any insurance. She wants to take it for an MOT in order to trade-in on Nissan's extended scrappage scheme (worth £2000 off the price of a new UK-built car). The problem is how to get the car to and from the MOT centre, and then to the Nissan garage. My insurance company (my daughter is a named driver) will not entertain any insurance on a vehicle without an MoT. The only insurance I have found is comprehensive and costs about £100 for 21 days. I assume it is illegal to drive and/or tow the vehicle. Help!

Asked on 11 June 2010 by Paul Hamer

Answered by Honest John
The simple answer is to get the MoT station to pick the car up on its own (insured) trade plates. Obviously there will be a cost, but not as much as £100.
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