Scrapping the barrel

I would like to replace my current car but want to keep within the low emissions band and also have a limited budget. I have been looking at the Hyundai i10 and KIA Picanto Chill, and would be grateful for your comments and any alternative vehicles. My annual mileage is small so petrol would be preferable. I hope to be able to participate in the scrappage scheme as my current vehicle falls within the guidelines.

Asked on 6 June 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
KIA has said it can do a Picanto 1.0 under the scrappage scheme for
£4,126, and Hyundai can do an i10 1.2 Comfort for £5,495 (both while stocks last). I'd pay the extra and go for the i10 because it's a newer car and is so surprisingly good. Both tested at, i10 video tested. There is also an i10 1.1SE at £5,125, but the 1.2 is much better engine. Word is that supplies of the basic i10 1.2 Classic at £5,000 seem to have dried up. VW does a Fox and FIAT does a Panda Eco at under £5,000.
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