Do I have to pay my excess even if I have a protected No Claims Bonus?

I have protected No Claims Bonus, but I also have a Voluntary Excess of £250 on my car insurance. I have had a slight accident causing some scratches to the bodywork of my car.
What is the position if I claim for the cost of the repair through my insurance? Does my NCB protection mean I will not be liable for the first £250 cost, or will I have to pay it despite having my NCB protected?

Asked on 22 October 2020 by Tony Richardson

Answered by Tim Kelly
The excess is the first part of any claim for damage on your vehicle. It's not linked to your NCB. This means that you will still have to pay the first £250 of the cost of repair. If you have a compulsory excess, that's added to the voluntary excess as well.
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