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Can you recommend a comfortable, refined car with easy boot access for a dog?

We've just got a dog and I'm having to lift her into our Lexus RX. Something which, at 64, I'm finding a bit harder than I'd like. She's not keen on going up a ramp, so what d'you think we might consider as a good, smaller vehicle with easy rear access - something she might more readily just jump into? The RX is much larger than we need now - mostly just myself, wife, dog and occasional bags for weekend trips - but I do like something which is relaxed, quiet and comfortable on a long journey.

Asked on 1 September 2020 by rickenbacker_al

Answered by Andrew Brady
A Kia Niro sounds like a good option. It's a hybrid, like your RX, but smaller and with easier access for your greyhound as there's virtually no load lip. It also represents good value for money and comes with a seven-year warranty. Alternatively, you could consider a more conventional estate car. A Skoda Octavia or Superb could be a good option - both are very refined with big boots. There's a plug-in hybrid version of the Superb, badged the iV, if that appeals.
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