I need a large family car for low mileage use. Would a plug-in hybrid suit?

I'm looking to buy a secondhand family car. I will do short commutes to work (7miles), schools trips and occasional long journeys. It will need to be a load-lugger as we have a large dog, two kids and camping gear. The other car is a new Nissan Leaf, which does all the weekend running around. This car, while being the family car, will only do 5-7k mileage a year. It feels like a diesel is out, narrowing down the larger car range for me. I don't want new and can live with high mileage (ish) as I won't put many miles on it. I have been looking at Estates - Passat GTE and Skoda Superb (petrol). I don't want to spend more than £16-18k really. Recommendations welcome!

Asked on 22 April 2021 by Chris

Answered by Andrew Brady
It sounds like you're thinking along the right lines. A plug-in hybrid could be perfect – capable of covering the commute under electric power with the petrol engine on hand for those longer journeys. A Volkswagen Passat GTE is a very practical option that makes an excellent used purchase. There aren't that many about but, if you can find one, it could be the ideal choice. If you fancy something a bit more premium, take a look at the Mercedes C350e Estate, while a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV could be a good alternative (and easier to find) if an SUV appeals.
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