I have bought a new car - how long will it take for the car's new registration number to appear on the insurance database?

I'm in the process of buying my first ever new car, taking delivery on 1 September. I'll obviously need to notify my insurance company of the change of vehicle before collecting the car. How many days before the car's official registration date will the new registration number appear on the insurance database? I'm worried that when I phone the insurance company in late August they will be unable to find details of my new car on the system.

Asked on 13 August 2020 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
As long as the chassis number is logged on CUE the underwriting database, the vehicle is insured and you do not need the registration. This will cover you in the event there is a lag from the V5C being issued a registration placed, and it being updated on to CUE. Provide the insurer with the chassis number prior to collection to arrange cover, then contact them as soon as you are aware of the Registration. CUE is linked the DVLA, so it should be fairly instantaneous.
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