Can I get an incorrect Cat B marker removed from my car?

I am trying to sell my 2001 Volkswagen Lupo but the advertising website would not accept the advert as their records had the car registered as a Cat B. I have owned the car four years having bought it off my mother who bought it in 2002. In all this time, it has been taxed, MOTd and insured without any indication or warning that it is a Cat B.

I have managed to find out that the alleged accident happened in 2006 and that Royal Bank Of Scotland Insurance were the insurers at that time. However, they said their records do not go back that far. After also speaking to Experian, DVLA, Motor Insurers Bureau and HPI, HPI said information from RBS was 'the owner retained the vehicle' and gave me a RBS contact number but that was Direct Line Group and they said they had separated from RBS and could not help! I understand only RBS can remove the Cat B marker.

Asked on 19 September 2019 by Antony

Answered by Tim Kelly
The insurers at the time are the only ones that can remove. Did your mother ever make a claim in the time period she had it? Your mother would need to do a "subject access data request" for "all and any information" they have on her and specifically relating to that claim. If she has made a claim through them, RBS use a estimating/engineering system called "Audatex". Audatex Archive past claims and keep the on their database. If RBS contact Audatex, I am fairly sure they will be able to bring up the engineers report for the vehicle. If the incident never happened, and RBS have made a "clerical" mistake, then you would need to sue them under the "interference of goods act" for the loss of value on your vehicle as a result of their clerical error.
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