North wails, again

Four weeks ago, my wife’s car was written off. It was parked in a disabled car park outside a hotel in Llandudno. When we woke in the morning a note was under the bedroom door asking us to go to the reception. Another note was then given to us saying that the car had been smashed up and taken by the Police to a compound in Conway. We paid for a taxi to Conway and back the car was obviously beyond repair. We have managed to get a settlement from our Insurer but we are over £1,000 out of pocket. Being pensioners on fixed income we can ill afford this. We have been unable to obtain any definite information from North Wales Police about what actually happened except the Reg No of the other car, type, colour and owners insurer. Third-hand information we have managed to get is that the driver of the other car was over the alcohol limit and was driving his fathers car. Can you offer any advice to how we can recover out of pocket expenses?

Asked on 10 January 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
You use the small claims track at the county court to sue the insurer of the other car for the full amount you are left out of pocket, including loss of no claims discount for many years to come.
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