Will running the engine of my car once a week help prevent battery depletion?

I have SORN'd my Jaguar F-Pace during the Coronavirus pandemic. Besides turning the engine over once a week, what else can I do to ensure the efficiency of the vehicle?

Asked on 6 April 2020 by Jack Leyland

Answered by Dan Powell
Running the engine once a week for a short period of time will do more harm that good, in my opinion. The oil will not heat up (increasing wear and tear) and the battery will be depleted of its valuable charge. You may want to consider fitting a battery charger, but a modern car like with a healthy battery this should be fine for several weeks. It might be an idea to overinflated the tyres to 40PSI to prevent flatspotting of the tyres.

For more coronavirus car storage advice, see: www.honestjohn.co.uk/coronavirus/coronavirus-what-...r
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