Is a Cat S write off more expensive to insure?

My 2008 Ford Mondeo was hit from behind. The other party's insurer declared it a Cat S write off and has valued the car to be worth £2400. Offered £1800 to buy back. The car drives perfectly fine and I could keep driving without any work being done on it. The back frame is just slightly bent. Will it more expensive to insure it if I keep the car? Is it mandatory to have it structurally tested?

Asked on 4 March 2020 by Indra Ghimire

Answered by Tim Kelly
It will not generally be more expensive to insure, though some insurers may refuse to insure you. There is no "statutory" duty to do anything other than ensure it is road legal. However, the vehicle may not perform in a further accident the way the manufacturer intended. Do you really want to drive a car that may not be safe?
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