Some years ago when I enjoyed the benefit of a company car, the insurance cover included a courtesy car in the event of a prolonged breakdown as well as the results of an accident causing the car to be off the road. Do you know of an insurance company that offers this service? I can only seem to find cover in the event of an accident and with my main dealer being 30 miles from my home when the car is off the road this causes a degree of inconvenience. The dealer (Mercedes) never seems to have a courtesy car available.

Asked on 6 February 2010 by T.H., Crook, Co. Durham

Answered by Honest John
These used to be provided by the bodyshops that repaired the cars, not by the insurers themselves. What has now happened is that 'Accident Management' (Credit Hire) operations have sprung up that put you in an equivalent car (usually a new one) at a very high rental rate that they try to claim back from the insurers. If they cannot get the money back, you are liable. One reader was hit with a bill for £29,000 for 4 months hire of a Mercedes C-Class. He could have bought a new one for that.
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