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I bought a Cat C car and following an accident my insurer has voided my policy claiming I didn't inform them?

I bought a repaired Cat C car last year, took out insurance and have not had any problems. Last week I was involved in an accident. My insurance has voided my policy claiming I didn’t inform the of the car's classification, there was nothing mentioned when I did the quote online, should there have been? I have now approached the at-fault driver's insurance. Any advice would be great

Asked on 1 October 2019 by Debbie

Answered by Tim Kelly
Raise a complaint with your insurer as you have no need or duty to advise them of the previous history of the vehicle unless it had a bearing on the current claim. Advise your insurer they are Breaching ICOBS 8.3.3 by acting in conflict to your interest, ICOBS 2.5.1 the "customers best interest" rule

Use an accident management company if experiencing difficulties or the at-fault insurer as a last resort.
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