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Do Michelin Cross Climate tyres give a more comfortable ride?

Do the Goodyear Vector tyres have as flexible sidewalls as Michelin Cross Climate? The ride in our Meriva is very hard and although I fitted the Michelin to our old Meriva I did not notice much of an improvement. Is the profile of 55 too low and can I fit larger profile tyres?

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You can't fit deeper profile tyres than those the car is supposed to have. Lack of flexibility comes about if the pressures are too high. I run mine to around 30 - 31 PSI cold pressures because, as the tyres heat up in use, the air inside expands and the pressures increase by about 2 - 3 PSI. Michelin Cross Climates, Continental AllSeason Contacts and Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons all give a more compliant ride at the right pressures.

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