Honest driver with 25-years no claims - why are my premiums so expensive?

My renewal has come up, and I have been quoted £400 fully comp, I have clean license of 25 years, never had an accident in my life except a puncture. And yet my sister has been driving less time than me has received a renewal of £300 despite taking sabbatical from driving for 2 years and had the odd accident which was not her fault. We both live in same post code and have sedate occupations, why the wild discrepancies in the quotes?

Asked on 15 August 2019 by Sohail Ahmed

Answered by Tim Kelly
Different cars? Different occupations? plus premiums are Increasing, £400 is cheap...£100 is not a "wild discrepancy" that is quite frankly nothing....you can find that within the range of quotes just on your own policy.
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