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Our car was damaged by a bollard that sprung up from the ground - are we liable?

We have an allocated underground parking bay in our apartment block and we were unable to access our parking as the entrance gate to the parking lot was blocked by a crane doing some repair works on the building. We were not informed that we would not be able to access our parking through letter or any other form of communication and it was not the first time that day. One of the workers unlocked a bollard to one of the roadside parking bay and we parked our car there. In the evening when my husband drove the car out of this parking bay, the back wheel accidentally drove over the bollard and caused it to spring up resulting in damages to the rear bumper and fog lights. We have now been given an estimate of £850 to repair the damage. When we contacted the building company, they said that the cannot accept liability as we drove over the bollard and hence it is our fault. But the very fact that we were unable to access our parking was the beginning of this problem and so aren’t they responsible?

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The incident is solely down to yourselves unfortunately, your husband "chose" to park there and he caused the damage. The building company are not liable in any way.
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