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I reversed into a car while parallel parking - should I admit liability?

I was reversing back into a parking space parallel to the kerb. I was facing the direction of the traffic coming towards me, so I reversed a metre or so to get a better view of the traffic coming towards me. Unknown to me, a car pulled in behind me, which I then hit. I had looked in my rear view mirror when I started reversing and I'm positive the car wasn't there. Do you think I should say I'm not liable to pay for a minor dent on the side of the other cars bonnet? We have only exchanged phone numbers. Our children attend same school.

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You could argue 50/50, though it is actually your fault. What would you have done if it was a child and not a car? Read Section 159, 200-203 of the Highway Code ( You have also breached section 239 ( Do not face opposing traffic. Never admit liability, leave that to your insurer - but you are clearly in the wrong.
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