What insurance do I need for offering test drives in a car I'm selling?

I am about to sell my vehicle privately. What insurance is needed for a test drive? I have spoken to my insurers (plus others) and have got several different versions of information. Most often it seems that only the statutory minimum is covered i.e. third party, even though I will be in the vehicle during any test. I do not fancy a £20K loss or hefty repair bill should there be an accident. Any thoughts of what sort of cover I need?

Asked on 5 August 2019 by Peter Ellis

Answered by Tim Kelly
Why should you need cover? You are thinking about this from the wrong perspective. It is down to the prospective purchaser to have insurance in place, not you. If they want to drive your car, then they need to insure it, it is as simple as that. They can arrange for cover through companies like Dayinsure or any other insurer that provides temporary car insurance.

If someone is looking at spending £20k, they can afford the small cost of insuring it for half an hour. No insurance, no test drive, it's as simple as that. Alternatively, you drive the car, and they can experience the test drive from the passenger seat
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