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Someone I know asked me for driving lessons in a car he purchased and had an accident - will it have an impact on my insurance?

Someone who I know asked me for driving lessons in a car he purchased. He had learner driver insurance and I was a named driver on the policy. He had an accident, hitting another car and writing both vehicles off. I'm concerned he may have claimed I was supervising him at the time when he's made up different stories. He claimed his brother was with him, but also claimed his brother was not a named person on the policy and had no car himself. Is there any way I can find out if I've been used, without making an enemy of this person?



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In short, no. But to be honest I would stay well clear of any involvement. If you have been "advised" as being in charge of the vehicle, the insurer involved will contact you. Unless you have consent for data protection, you would not have the entitlement to contact the insurer.
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