My son's premium is going up even though an accident wasn't his fault. Can you help?

My son is a learner driver with full learner driver insurance. We were out driving the other day when an intoxicated driver went straight into the back of his car. The guy has admitted fault and all is going through his insurance, however, they want to write off my son's car and we’ve both got whiplash. I had to inform my son's insurance company about the incident and they said his premium will go up when he renews his insurance in the future. He won’t be able to afford to buy insurance now if that’s the case, all because of a negligent driver. Is there a possibility that the his insurance company will pay for his increase in premium because it wasn’t his fault? Please help.

Asked on 18 June 2020 by Bev

Answered by Tim Kelly
You will need to use your legal assistance if you have it, or instruct a solicitor to claim for any uninsured loss, which this would be. Whichever solicitor is pursuing the whiplash claims, have them pursue the increase in premiums for the next five years. Most solicitors will advise they cannot do this because they're not familiar with what to do. Obtain quotes now for your son without declaring the incident (keep copies, screen prints etc), then obtain quotes declaring the incident and get the differential. This is what you want to be claiming for. Good luck.
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