My insurer wants two excess payments for two areas of damage?

My car was recently hit while parked and incurred damage to the rear. I was given a quote of around £1000 for a repair and I decided to make a claim through my insurer. My car was booked into the insurer's approved body shop but they found further damage which the insurer is saying must have been caused separately. They are now demanding I pay two excess fees (£300 x 2) to repair all the damage. There were no witnesses to the incident so I genuinely don't know who or what hit my car. Do I just accept this or can I challenge them?

Asked on 10 June 2019 by Richard Lloyd

Answered by Tim Kelly
Challenge them. It is up to the insurer to prove that this damage has happened on a separate occasion. Challenge them, then escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
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