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I own two cars on the same insurance policy - if one hits the other do we have to pay two excesses?

I own two cars, both on the same insurance policy. My wife reversed the car she drives into mine (parked) on our driveway, damaging both cars. The insurance company wants to charge me an excess on both cars. Surely not? If I had been insured with separate companies, only the car at fault would have paid an excess. As it happens, I was nowhere near the other car at the time. Does this mean that I should now insure both cars on different policies with separate companies?

Asked on 4 June 2019 by Thebumblebee

Answered by Tim Kelly
This is because you cannot be first and third party on your own policy, You are technically making two separate claims, one for each vehicle, so two excesses apply. If the damage is not that bad, personally, I would cancel the claim and pay for it yourself. Are both cars insured by you? Or a policy in your name, a policy in your wife's name? In that situation, only one excess should apply. You can raise a complaint, the escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, the raising of a complaint cost the insurer £550 by the FOS to review, you may well find by doing this, that they waive one of the excesses.
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