What's the best value for money car to do 36,000 miles per year?

I'm starting a new job and will travel 120 miles round trip each day, about half motorway and half A/B roads. I don't know if it'd be better to buy new, take out a finance deal or buy a high mileage secondhand vehicle as I will do well over 36,000 miles a year. I'm open-minded about what to buy, but I don't know whether to go petrol or diesel. I do like a comfy ride though as I can suffer from a bad back and, being a Yorkshireman, I always want the best value for money.

Asked on 15 April 2019 by James D

Answered by Andrew Brady
It certainly sounds like diesel would suit your mileage. Unfortunately, covering 36k miles a year, you'll take a hit financially whether you buy old or new. My money would probably go on a second-hand Skoda Superb - it offers excellent value for money, and taxi drivers rate them for high mileages. It's also very comfortable. Around £6000 will get you a 2010 model with fairly low miles and lots of life left in it.
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