I had a low speed collision and believe the other party are exaggerating their injury claims - is there anything I can do?

On a streaming wet motorway in roadworks I hit the rear of a BMW X5 in my car when the traffic stopped suddenly. The impact speed was approximately 10 mph and the damage to my car only a broken front number plate. There was no apparent damage to the X5. Both cars were driven to the next junction, details exchanged and journeys resumed. It was my fault by definition of course. Direct Line then contacted me to say they have had a claim directly from the other insurers. The other vehicle has gone to an approved repairer and Direct Line won't be enquiring why and the driver and passenger both of whom were in no difficulty after the low-speed impact and confirmed at the time, now have "back injury" claims which my insurers imply is okay with them. I believe the claims are at best exaggerated. Is there anything I can/should do?

Asked on 25 March 2019 by peter hughes

Answered by Tim Kelly
All you can do is make your insurer aware. Aside from that, there's not much else. It makes no difference to you whether they claim for an Injury or not by way of increased premiums etc. Once you are liable, it is up to the insurer to defend any vexatious or inflated claim. Just because the cars do not appear to be damaged, it does not mean they are not. It can be very hard to spot to the untrained eye.
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