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My insurer received a bogus claim against me - what should I do?

My insurer has received an injury claim from an alleged passenger in a vehicle that is claiming my vehicle collided with them in a supermarket car park over a year ago. I informed my insurer that I have no knowledge of any such collision. My insurer can inspect my vehicle if required. I cannot see any damage. I asked my insurer to make no payment without my consent. I confirmed I would be prepared to attend court to defend this matter should the need arise. Can you advise if I should confirm my telephone discussion with my insurer in writing and if there are any further steps you would recommend?

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Write to your insurer and make sure you advise them that you will sue them should they prejudice your legal position or act in conflict to your interest. Inform them that you wish for them to defend this claim as a "vexatious claim of no merit" and wish for them to raise a counter claim for fraud against the other party.
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