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Lexus NX vs Audi Q3 - which is better?

I am considering purchasing a new Lexus NX. I have test driven one at my local dealer and find it quite pleasing to drive. However, some reviews are quite negative. Is the Lexus NX really that bad? I'm also going to test drive the Audi Q3.

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We rate the Lexus NX quite highly. It's a relaxing rather than sporty drive, and the CVT gearbox is a little frustrating, but it feels well made and ought to be very reliable. Having said that, I drove the new Audi Q3 recently and really liked it. Its interior is brilliant and it's good to drive - although it's not the left-field choice the Lexus is. Have you considered a Volvo XC40 or XC60? Either could be a good middle ground between the Lexus and Audi.
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