Is there an insurance issue if my son's car is registered in my name?

I bought a car long distance, we live in Shetland and it was bought in the North East. We put a deposit down and paid the balance on viewing. The car is fine but the salesman pre-entered my name on the V5C before we'd arrived. The car was purchased for our son and he lives in Reading. The V5C is still in my name and registered to myself in Shetland, do we possibly have an insurance issue?

Asked on 30 January 2019 by Brett Dunne

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, the vehicle needs to be registered in your son's name and address if he is the keeper. An insurer could try and argue that your son has no insurable interest in the car or a whole host of other things with the vehicle being registered in your name and address. It also means any traffic offences he commits will be communicated to you rather than your son.
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