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Do black boxes allow the authorities to listen to in-car conversations?

I have recently read that new cars have a system installed which would alert emergency services in the event of an accident. In effect, these 'monitoring' boxes/systems would allow access by the authorities who would be able to listen to in-car conversations and disable the engine. Can you confirm or otherwise any substance in this report?

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This system is called "E CALL"
112 eCall is not a black box. It does not record constantly the position of the vehicle, it records only a few data to determine the position and direction of the vehicle just before the crash and these data are only transmitted to emergency call centres if there is a serious crash.
eCall cannot be used to monitor motorist's moves. The SIM-card used to transmit the eCall data is dormant, i.e. it is only activated in case the vehicle has a serious accident (e.g. the airbag is activated). 112 eCall is not expensive. The cost is estimated to less than €100 per car at the date of entry into force of the proposed regulation. This cost is expected to decrease in the future.
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