A driver recently ran over some of my possessions in a car park and I claimed £1000 from their insurer - why has my motor insurance now gone up?

I recently had another driver intentionally drive across some of my possessions in a car park. He admitted to seeing them as well. I made a personal claim against the other driver's insurance and his wife admitted to the police that they were at fault.
His insurance paid out £1000 for my items and my insurer was not involved, however, my at my latest renewal my insurance has increased due to this? Should this be the case?

Asked on 16 November 2018 by Chris Brown

Answered by Tim Kelly
It most definitely should not. Contact your insurer and advise there's been a misuse of your data in breach of GDPR. Insurers are exempt from "some" aspects of GDPR, but it has to be relevant to them. You are not claiming of his insurance as a motorist but as a pedestrian. As such you have not made a claim for damage to your vehicle. Ask them if you'd been a cyclist and the third party had knocked you off your bike whether they would have increased your premium. This situation is no different.
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